How to Increase Weight Fast & Safely: Underweight treatment

As we all know that overweight & obesity is a major worldwide problem of today. But some people also suffer from the just opposite problem i.e. too thin or skinny.

You may think gaining weight is much easier than weight loss. But you need to understand how to increase weight scientifically, safely and in a healthy way.

When one has the Body Mass Index i.e. BMI less than 18.5, it’s called underweight.

So being underweight is also a great problem like overweight. But it does not necessary that being underweight is always a critical health problem. It has been seen that girls & women are 2-3 times more prone to underweight than men.

Are you Underweight? 

The risk factors are: 

  • Immune function
  • Increase risk of infection
  • Can lead to osteoporosis & fractures and many bones related disorder,
  • Can lead to infertility in women.
  • It is a major cause of sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss)
  • And last but not least it plays a major role in early death.

Things that leads to weight loss or underweight:

The following several medical complications can lead to unhealthy weight loss. Firstline treatment is needed to synergize your weight gain –

Underweight Reason

Eating disorder: Eating disorders in people which include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa & binge eating, or any other related mental disorder.

Abnormal thyroid profile.

Celiac disease (gluten sensitivity).

Diabetes: Having uncontrolled diabetes (mainly type 1) can lead to severe weight loss.

Cancer: Cancerous cells burns a large amount of calorie that leads to severe weight loss. Thus energy expenditure becomes high.

Infections: Several infections such as- parasites, tuberculosis & HIV or AIDS.

High Metabolism: People whose metabolism rate is high have more prone to lose bodyweight rapidly instead of taking a large number of calories.

Heredity: Plays a major role that naturally leads to losing bodyweight.

Intense physical activity: It leads to burn a lot of calories that intern cause weight loss.

Stress: People who are stressed always suffer from loss of appetite that leads to loss of their body weight very easily.

              So, many medical complications lead to underweight or unhealthy weight loss. So, if you noticed that you are losing weight rapidly then you should consult your health professionals on how to increase weight scientifically.

And one should remember that weight gain should be systematic and scientific. 

How to increase weight scientifically? 

Top guidelines:

  1. Add extra calorie:

Recommended calorie for an individual depends on his height, weight, BMI, BMR, physical activity. To put one pound per week one should consume 500-1000 calorie extra per day.

These can be done by adding more calorie-dense full in your daily diet i.e. full-fat milk, add cream to coffee, cheese, egg, baked potato etc. 

  • Increase protein intake:

It helps to gain muscle mass. One should take 1-1.5gm/kg of body weight. Add some cheese, meat, fatty fish, egg, vegetables, nuts in your daily diet for healthily gaining weight.

  • Take high carbohydrate & fat-containing food:

If you want to gain weight then you should go for a high carbohydrate & high fat containing diet that adds body mass to your body & leads to healthy weight gain.

Include rice, whole grain, potato, full-fat milk, cream, meat, egg, fatty fish in your diet.

  • Eat more frequently:

Increase the number of your meal i.e. eat more frequently automatically increase your calorie intake. You should take at least 3 main meals and 2 mid snacks or more.

  • Eat large portion:

Increase your portion of the meal would lead to put on your body weight. Using a big size plate & bowl will help in this manner.

  • Kick out stress:

You should kick out your stress to gain weight healthily. Stress & depression leads to many physical & mental changes & suppresses appetite & hunger that cause eating disorder & food indigestion that intern prevent to gain weight smoothly.

  • Exercise:

It is a very wrong concept that people want to gain weight should not exercise or workout at all. One should engage himself a minimum of 20-30 mins per day in some physical activity that may be walk or yoga or meditation or any other aerobic exercise.

  • Have quality sleep:

If your priority is to gain weight then you should have a quality sleep at least for 7-8 hours per day.

  • Keep a record:

You should keep a record and maintain a journal to track your progress systematically. This will help you to stay motivated throughout your weight gain journey.

  • Stay hydrated:

When your priority is to gain muscle weight along with body weight, you should consume sufficient liquid in your diet.

It consists of at least 6-8 glasses of liquid per day. These should be nutritious & caloric dense fluid such as fresh fruit juice, protein shakes, milk, milkshakes etc. to increase weight healthily.

  • Weight lifting:

Exercise especially in the form of weight lifting helps to convert the extra fat into your muscle. So, you should keep it in your routine at least 3 times a week.

  • Creatine:

Creatine supplements may show drastic results in your weight gain journey. But don’t forget to consult your physician before taking it.

How to increase weight with proper diet? : Important points should be kept in mind:

You should not drink water before your meal. Because this makes your stomach full & it will be very difficult to take food in the desired amount.

You should use a large size plate & bowl for serving and as well as for eating. Because small plates lead to eat less amount.

Veggies should take at last & calorie dense & protein-rich foods should consume at first.

People trying to gain weight should avoid smoking strictly. Because it tends to lose the body weight.

If your priority is to gaining weight then you need quality sleep. It has been seen that an afternoon sound sleep has a beneficial effect on gaining body weight.

Weight lifting is helpful at least 3 times a week is helpful in this context. Because it helps to twist the extra fat into the muscle instead of accumulating it as belly fat.

If you want to put on weight then you may try Ashwagandha. Case studies claim that it has worked much better than any supplement.

One must avoid doing over-exercise such as running & cycling as these raise metabolism & leads to lose weight. Instead you can go for yoga, jogging etc.

Thus, it has been seen that weight gain may be a tedious job as weight loss.

Because it may take a long time than a weight loss program. And you should remember that weight gain should be scientific & systematic and should not eat unhealthy junk foods that leads to increase the belly fat & cause other health-related disorder.

And the only key to success is, you have to keep patience & should be consistent in this long journey.

So, how to increase weight is now your cup of tea if you are underweight.

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Stay tuned, stay immune. 🙂

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