Tested negative or positive: Try these 2 steps: Wipeout flu like symptoms

The present pandemic situation puzzles everyone, what to do or what do not to do to protect yourself from flu like symptoms. The number of advisors may be countless and may be greater than the number of affected!

However, as you all know that we always share knowledge from ancient wisdom; the herbal and ayurvedic solution perspectives for every complication.

We will tell today 2 sure shot time tested precautionary measures which we have extracted from the authentic literature, recent research findings, and from the direct users or beneficiaries who are affected with COVID 19 or flu like symptoms in recent times.

If you notice with flu like symptoms in you or in your family member, then you must start the two steps which will build a shield against the virus.


dry cough


aches and pains

sore throat




loss of taste or smell

a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

However, the key player is the immunity. You should know how to increase your immunity.

Step 1: Steam inhalation

Step 2: Intake of Kwath or Decoction with specific herb

1. Steam inhalation:

All you need is just a utensil to boil water to generate the steam. You may use Steam vaporizer machine for hustle free readymade use.


The steamed water should be removed from fire and your head should be covered with a towel over the steam to facilitate the easy intake of steam.

a. Inhale the steam with nose and exhale with mouth.

b. Do the opposite also that is, inhale with mouth and exhale with nose.

Repeat process a and b for 10 times. Do inhale and exhale deeply and calmly. If the inhaling takes 4 sec then exhaling should take at least 6 sec.

For details procedure you may watch this video:

Courtesy: Himaayush (www.himaayush.com)


During this process take care of your eyes from steam burn.

2. Intake of Kwath or Decoction with specific Ayurvedic herb:

Ayurveda has a traditional recipe to overcome the cough and cold situation or the flu like symptoms.

Ministry of AYUSH, GOI has composed one such formulation and named as Ayush Kadha. The ingredients are:

  1. Tulsi (Basil)
  2. Adrak (Ginger)
  3. Munakka (Raisin)
  4. Dalchini (Cinnamon)
  5. Kalimarich (Black pepper)
  6. Nimbu or Citrus sp. (optional)


In 200 ml of water add all the ingredients (5 g each)

Boil it in mild heat (60ᵒ-70ᵒ C) until reduced to 50 ml

Screen through a clean cloth

Addition of Raw turmeric or turmeric powder will enhance the property of this kadha.

Intake this decoction in luke warm condition

Take this decoction 2-3 times a day to wipe out all the flu like symptoms

The best is to made this formulation daily at home.

The processing is stepwise explained in this video:

Courtesy: Himaayush (www.himaayush.com)

Otherwise, the same formulation by the name of Ayush Kwath is available in market with various companies’ readymade package in tablet, powder or liquid form.


The amount of the ingredient and water is important to measure the strength of the decoction.

Severe heating may denature the ingredients

In Luke warm condition you should intake it.


Only following those two simple steps you may kick off the flu like symptoms. For severe infection it may take couple of days.

Some Ayurvedic medicines in addition with these two steps shown extraordinary result and quicken the recovery from flu like symptoms. In our next blog we will discuss about those in detail.

Till then stay safe, stay immune.

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