Top 16 Weight Loss Tips

Today it’s a dream of every person to look slim & trim in front of the mirror.

Numbers of weight-loss strategies are available now on the internet.

But I will share today the most important and easy tips to accelerate your weight loss protocol. 

Moreover, it’s very necessary to maintain a healthy body weight and beat the obesity. Because overweight or obesity leads to many long-term health issues like-Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), High cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Therefore, maintaining the ideal body weight is very important for a long healthy life. 

However, losing extra weight is a gradual and long-term process. 

1. Cut carbohydrates: 

It is the most important in weight loss journey to cut down the portion of starches. Because this can lower the insulin levels & helps to shed excess amount of sodium & water. Thus, leads to losing the water weight & extra body weight.

2. Protein-rich diet:

Protein is the building blocks of our body. So it’s very important to take sufficient amount of animal & plant served protein in our daily life. Moreover, that protein helps in boosting the expenditure of calories thus helps in losing the body weight by burning extra calories.

3. Look into the quality & quantity of fat:

One should look into the quality and quantity of fat during his weight loss journey. Saturated & trans-fat leads to an increase in low-density lipoprotein(LDL), very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) which are bad cholesterol & leads to coronary heart disease. 

On the other hand, one should include polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) & Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) in his/her daily diet which increase the High-density lipoprotein (HDL) which is known as good cholesterol. 

Nuts, seeds, whole grain legumes, fish are a good source of PUFA and MUFA.

4. Avoid empty calorie:

The best way to lose weight is to say ‘No’ to any processed foods which are packed with empty calorie, which spike the weight instead of giving any health benefits.

5. Spend specific time for physical activity:

It is very important in terms of physical & mental health during one’s weight loss journey. Studies shows weight loss diet always shows better result along with exercise.

You should brisk walk at least for 150min/week. 

And it is very important to conduct physical activity under professional supervision.

6. Eat fiber-rich food:

Especially soluble fiber helps in weight loss and helps in lowering the blood sugar level & cholesterol level in bloodstreams.

7. Awareness or mindful eating:

It includes why, how, when, where & what he is eating and he should be conscious about whether the food is healthy or not for the person.

8. Avoid all external stimulus:

One should strictly avoid any social or environmental factors that encourage unhealthy & unnecessary consumption of food.

9. Measure serving & Portion control:

Portion control is very important in maintaining the body weight. One should measure the portion using his household utensils because guessing about the amount can lead to overeating & weight gain.

10. Have good sleep:

A good quality sleep is very necessary for controlling body weight & thus a poor sleep leads to weight gain.

11. Should stay positive:

One should keep in mind that the weight loss journey is a gradual process & it can take some time. So one should stay positive throughout this journey.

12. Eat slowly:

One should eat food slowly. The food must be chewed well first & then should be swallowed. This gives him satiety and can control overeating.

13. Water intake:

Apart from these one should drink plenty amount of water and one glass water before and after 30 mins of any meal helps in better metabolism & limit the amount of food intake.

14. Limit oil intake:

One should not take extra oil or oily food in his daily diet. This should be within 20ml/day including all types of cooking oil, ghee & butter.

15. Food Timing:

Maintaining a specific timing for food helps in better metabolism & digestion of food.

16. Adopt charitable walk:

Those who have a very busy schedule and do not get time to go for physical exercise:

  • should say ‘Yes’ to any charitable walk,
  • get off the bus or other vehicle some stop before his/her destination.
  • should opt for staircase where possible

And now here are some bonus tips: Which foods you should avoid for weight loss?

  • Limit the excessive intake of alcohol.
  • Avoid cookies & pastries.
  • Deep-fried foods.
  • Sugary beverages.
  • Any types of commercial fruit juice.
  • White bread & foods that are made from white flour.

So, following a healthy diet and keep physically active to maintain a negative energy balance to avoid weight regain and to accelerate the weight loss program.

And the most important fact to remember, you should do this with the utmost love & dedication to experience a beautiful & healthy life 🙂

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