Top 10 immunity boosting foods of Ayurveda

3. Yashtimadhu: (Liquorice or sweet root):

Liquorice or mulethi is another important immunity bosting foodsof Ayurveda. It 8s available in crude form pieces of root or stem or in powder tablet or capsule form.

Yastimadhu benefits: Liquorice gears up the immunity system. Along with this it acts as a mild laxative, expectorant, reduces hair loss, cardio protective, memory booster and haematinic.

Dosage: Powder: 3-5 g

               Tablet/ capsule: 1-2 tablet or capsule, once or twice daily

Important fact:

By keeping a small piece of liquorice in mouth the chances of ulcer and acidity may overcome. Liquorice acts as a memory booster.

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