Top 10 immunity boosting foods of Ayurveda

7. Haritaki (Black chebulic myrobalan):

Haritaki mentioned in Ayurveda as a rasayana(rejuvenator) drug. Along with immunity boosting activity in adults and in kids it can cure a range of diseases. Haritaki when taken by chewing it enhances digestive fire. With jaggery if haritaki rind is taken then it acts as a very good laxative. 

Haritaki benefits: It can protect anyone all throughout the year in different season , if it is taken with specific food as prescribes in Ayurveda- ritu haritaki. Additionally, it is indicated in jaundice, renal stone, IBS and it is carminative in action.

Dosage: Fruit rind powder: 3-6 g

Important fact:

Haritaki is very effective in malarial fever. It can manage almost every type of disorders causes due to over consumption of fat.

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